- Older News Archive (May 2018)

May 3, 2018 @ 16:55 UTC
Geomagnetic Storm Watch
A high speed solar wind stream is now moving past Earth. Enhanced geomagnetic activity, possibly reaching minor (G1) storm levels will be possible over the next few days. Sky watchers at higher latitudes should be alert for visible aurora once dark outside.

May 3, 2018 @ 09:30 UTC
Coronal Hole
Things have been very quiet on the sun as of late with nothing of interest to report. We do have a middle latitude coronal hole that will come into play later this upcoming weekend and could deliver a high speed solar wind stream past our planet. Perhaps a minor geomagnetic storm to look forward to. More updates in the days ahead. Image below by SDO/AIA.

May 1, 2018 @ 00:00 UTC
Solar Quiet
Welcome to the month of May!

The new month will be starting off with the sun at very quiet levels. There are currently no visible sunspot regions and this also means there will be no chance for noteworthy solar flares. Geomagnetic activity also remains at quiet levels with no disturbances currently in the forecast. Solar minimum is truly upon us.