6m Band Plan

50.000 – 50.080 (Beacons)

50-070 – 50.100 (CW)
- CW in NA is typically between .085 and .100. During NA-EU DX openings, you will normally find CW from .070 up to .105

50.100 – 50.125 (DX Window)
- Contacts between DX stations only. Do not work somebody within your same country here.

50.110 (DX Calling Frequency)
- Sometimes called 50.KP4 because of the influx of Puerto Rico stations that hang out here.

50.125 – 50.250 (SSB)
- SSB use within North America and also within Europe is common.

50.125 (NA Calling Frequency)
- This is a calling frequency. Not the sit here and have a QSO frequency. If the band is open you should QSY up the band and clear it up.

50.265 (WSJT Calling Frequency)
- Popular frequency using the WSJT Digital Meteor Scatter program. You will find stations in and around this frequency, especially during known meteor showers.

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