More DX! (6/25/2012)

Despite Es season being pretty lame at times, lately there have been a fair share of openings across the Atlantic Ocean. This evening provided a nice opening with great signals via the northern EU path. This Es opening also had 3 distinct waves where signals would come and go. The first wave started at 18:43 UTC with PA2M in the Netherlands worked on 50.081 CW. A few minutes later I worked ON4IQ in Belgium on 50.087. I did hear a DL station out of Germany very weak, but was unable to work him.

After about a half hour of quiet, things opened up again with a much more stable 2nd wave with many big signals. My first QSO during this wave was with G8BCG in England at 19:26 UTC. The last QSO was with EA6SA on Balearic Island at 20:56 UTC. I happened to be sitting on 50.082 listening to nothing in particular while I did some internet work when I heard somebody suddenly call CQ with a fairly weak signal. Sure enough it was EA6SA and I worked him without any problems. This particular opening featured many stations out of mainly France, Spain and England. Other stations worked were F6KHM, EA4SV, F6HRP, EA5KA, EA5FX, EA1EJ, G3XRJ, EA1YV and CT1ILT.

Throughout the evening I did see many spots for a German station up in Greenland around 50.102.5. OX/DL3GCS was being worked by many 1′s and 3′s located to the south and east but I was unable to copy anything at all. I decided to go take another listen and at 21:40 UTC he did drift in within a 559 signal on CW. Nobody was answering his CQ’s and I worked him easily. I worked one other EU station this evening and that was G4IFX at 22:26.

A nice opening indeed!

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