ARRL June VHF QSO Party (6/10/2012)

This past weekend the ARRL June VHF contest took place and through most of the weekend, things were a bit hit or miss with only a few narrow signal paths on Es. That was until the evening of the Sunday session when things opened up with a couple of intense Es cloud hanging around the northern tier of the United States. This is probably the most packed I have seen the band in a very long time. CW signals from 065 to 100 and SSB signals from 125 all the way up to 300. 6m sounded like 20m during the peak of CQ WorldWide. I decided to play around and CQ Contest for a while and had a pretty good pileup going. Very intense signals out of the 8 and 9 call areas across the great lakes. Also had very short skip into the lower FN / upper FM grids. Through all of the intense signals the west coast was also heard and I managed to work a bunch of DM and DN grids. I did hear a few CM grid stations out of Northern California, however they were heard calling other contest stations. I added a 7 minute video below of myself during the contest with a pileup.

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