Big EU Opening and new 6m DXCC (6/10/2012)

A typical hot June evening felt like things were about to open up towards Europe and sure enough it did. This season I have been left out of many openings and for a chance I got to sit in the bulls eye. I started hearing the CS5BALG/b again so I moved up to the CW band and through some of the random contest stations, I was hearing CT1FFU on 50.094 at around 5pm local time. I worked both him and CT1EKY. Both had great signals that continued to rise. I decided to spin the VFO into the SSB section and to my surprise I was hearing a strong Italy station working a USA station. Finally another hop deeper into Europe. I went up the band a little bit and called CQ DX Europe and suddenly I had a mini pileup of Italy and Ireland stations. Ireland is where my signal was first landing and another good hop was working its way down towards the Italy region. The first station to answer my call was IW1AZJ in JN35. A video below shows him along with IK5YJY in JN53 and I4EAT in JN54. During this opening I worked nearly 50 stations out of Europe including many out of Ireland, Wales and Italy. Others I worked included F5BZB in France, G4RRA in England, S57RR in Slovenia and OE9ICI in Austria. Bert S57RR was a true s9 at times.

The biggest treat of the opening was working a brand new 6m DXCC. I seen 4O3A in Montenegro spotted on the DX Cluster at 50.099. I quickly spun the VFO there and I caught him calling CQ. His signal was not very strong, but easy copy. I managed to work him second call and DXCC #94 was in the bag. Video of this contact is also listed below.

What a great opening !

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